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(SET) Pretend Game MyHome Whisker Juicer Toaster Coffee Machine Iron Washing Machine Vacuum Cashier Set Multiple Set
Price RM24.86 - RM85.97 RM26.89 - RM88.00
Product SKU MyHomeSet
Brand My Home
Size (L x W x H) 25 cm x 35 cm x 15 cm
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Youtube Video
https://youtu.be/qZvojgF0dUM - Vacuum
https://youtu.be/fvXxf1Z6oGg - Teapot
https://youtu.be/D4siOkWObHU - Kettle
https://youtu.be/rA52Ws2TznQ - Juicer
https://youtu.be/DhCO65UI2Po - Front Loading Washing Machine
https://youtu.be/wy9XVjWtvBw - Cashier
https://youtu.be/IZ_qJBui9jU - Iron
https://youtu.be/o6HVZwvX5p4 - Toaster
https://youtu.be/9HP-P24fF5M - Mixer
https://youtu.be/4S39BJq2N7g - Microwave
https://youtu.be/hU5xCns43EI - Top Loading Washing Machine
https://youtu.be/U4ExZCwTR8I - Coffee Machine
https://youtu.be/7aL5n2yEF9A - Microwave
https://youtu.be/r7OE_7wlAlM - Front Loading Washing Machine

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Product Description:
Pretending Game Multiple Set for your child
**Suitable for 3 yrs old and above.
**Made in durable ABS, not sharp edges so it won't harm your kid.
**Product image might have slightly different from actual product due to light effect and monitor resolution.
**Exclude Battery